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Karbit Tile Made Mariasa Karbit (nickname “Karbit”), is a young Bali-Born man with a lot of talent and a permanent and contagious smile. The Indosole crew has sponsored Karbit for surfing since 2010. He is currently attending Universitas Mahasaraswati Denpasar, and is studying economics and entrepeneurism. Through employment, Indosole pays Karbit’s full tuition, and he’s learning real world economics and business practices as well as gaining "tools of the trade" knowledge for the surf industry. Karbit assists us with inventory control of our stock at the house/warehouse and is learning how to take stock reports, and turn that into a product order form that we need to keep the shops running smoothly. Karbit also helps to manage our surf team in Bali. He helped recruit 10 young, up and comers and gathered all of their information for sizing and product preference. In addition, he also assists with promotions at surf competitions and makes sure we are on banners, hands out stickers, etc. He will assist in our ramp up and execution at the upcoming Keramas surf contest, and is helping with getting Indosole branded trash cans placed at Echo and Brawa beaches. Karbit has a great attitude and dreams big! We at Indosole are proud to support his future, education, and are thankful to have him as a part of our team...

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