Changing the future with Youthtopia!

Changing the future with Youthtopia!

Youthtopia, founded by Melati Wijsen, is a movement aimed at reforming education around climate change and pollution. With a community of over 5 million people from 72 countries, Youthtopia provides courses and resources for young changemakers to create lasting change. Indosole supports Youthtopia and encourages participation in YOUNITE, a 17-day event featuring various activities and discussions focused on shaping the future. The upcoming days include COP27 representation, conversations on sustainable agriculture, and the release of a yoga masterclass.

!This is a call to action!

We need to change the direction of our future and reform education around climate change and pollution! 

This is what Youthtopia is all about! A movement started by Melati Wijsen to create a platform designed to bring young changemakers together and give them the tools to make a difference. Youthtopia has roots from Melati's Middle School days when, together with her sister Isabel Wijsen, set out to ban single use plastic bags in Bali. Little did they realize this was only the start of the adventure which would lead to the creation of Youthtopia.


While on a mission to ban plastic bags in Bali Melati and Isabell found the biggest problem was a lack of education around the topic. Not only a lack of education for waste management, climate change, but also a lack of education on how to become a successful changemaker and how to create a movement. After successfully banning plastic bags, Melati decided to embark on a journey to change the root of what she found to be the biggest problem in today's world. Education. 

Today’s population might consist of over 60% adults but children are 100% of the future. This is the exact mindset you need if you are looking not just to make change but to make lasting change! 

Youthtopia now has a community of over 5 million people who represent 72 countries and 185 top youth leaders from around the world! They offer over 40 courses on their website around all kinds of skills and topics to learn from, everything from Public Speaking, Film Making, Permaculture to Community Building And Surviving Crises!

Indosole is a huge fan of Youthtopia and Melati, we love to support and bring awareness to other change makers in the community! With that being said we want to shout out this year's YOUNITE, 17 days full of events ready to change our future! Here are the upcoming days - 

Day 1 - 11th November is @ COP27 !!! 

5pm local time in Egypt, The Park Regency Hotel 

YESSSS say it louder - we are so proud to be represented at COP27. 

Thanks to our partners Extreme Hangouts we are able to host this gathering to kick off YOUNITE. With an incredible line up of changemakers too! 

Mitzi Jonelle Tan as our host and speakers Alab Mirasol, Sophia Kianni, Qiyun Woo and Lea Weimann! 

Livestream possible! 

Day 2 - 12th November on Instagram 

5pm SGT on an instagram live we will be joined by Louise Mabulo, Courtney Davies and Olovan Ivan  

A conversation all about SOIL and how we thrive if we practice sustainable agriculture! 

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Day 3 - 13th November on our Learning Platform 

We’re calling day 3 "Mindfulness and Money” because we’ve got two parts to this day! 

The first is the release of the brand new Yoga masterclass led by Zen Lim - changemaker and circle of youth member. 

The second is the announcement of the mini grant winners who will be receiving $1000 each. 


Not bad for the first 3 days of YOUNITE 2022! 

Do we have your attention? Good! 

Stay tuned for more and make sure you keep your eyes on our learning platform:


Indosole is excite to YOUNITE and take action!



The Indosole team


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