Creating a Global Community That Drives Change With Grant

Creating a Global Community That Drives Change With Grant

Indosole is excited to welcome Grant Trahant, the founder of Cause Artist, into their community. Cause Artist is a platform that promotes sustainability, ethics, and conscious consumerism. Indosole is looking forward to collaborating with Grant and creating more content together to positively impact the world. Grant emphasizes the importance of being sustainable, ethical, and making conscious choices in our purchases to inspire positive change.
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Indosole is excited to welcome Grant into the community!

At Indosole, we were lucky to become a collaboration partner with Cause Artist in 2022. 

We took some time to catch up with Grant Trahant, the brainchild and power behind Cause Artist! Grant is a true pioneer in sustainable culture and has been running Cause Artist for over a decade.

Cause Artist is a platform where people from all walks of life come together and share ways and ideas to become more sustainable, ethical, and more conscious as consumers. Its right up our alley at Indosole!

We wanted to get to know Grant on a deeper level and understand why he does what he does. We can’t wait to create more content with him and see where this collaboration takes us!

In a couple of sentences who are you and what do you do?

My name is Grant, I am the founder of Causeartist, a global community social entrepreneurs, builders, creators, and conscious consumers, who believe business can positively impact the world. I am also the founder of and I am also a partner at Charity Charge, the first credit card built exclusively for nonprofits.

What does “sustainable” mean to you?

To me it means putting real effort into what you are building and creating. Thinking about the entire lifecycle of your creation and it effects on both humans and the planet.

What does “ethical” mean to you?

To me, ethical means being respectful and doing things in a responsible way for humanity and the environment. 

What is a good human?

In my opinion a good human is simply a person who stays humble, tries to help people when needed, and treats people with respect and honesty. 

How does it feel to be one of our good humans?

That is kind for you to say, but I am still working hard everyday towards being the best human I can be.

As a person with a voice and a purpose, what’s your message to our viewers?

Your purchases matter, how you spend your money and time matters and has a ripple effect that can positively impact the world. No matter how small the impact you can have, do it, it will matter to someone, and perhaps more impactful, is that it will inspire you to be more creative and humble in your own life.

In one word, what does the world need more of?


In one word, what does the world need less of?



Check out his website here!

Also don't forget to check his podcast episode that features indosole!



Let us know who else you think we should partner up with!

Love, Indosole Team

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