Introducing The Indo Slide

Last year we all sat around the kitchen table and started talking about our brand, pretty standard conversation for our team. This conversation revolved around how sustainability and sustainable products are “on-trend” or “fashionable.” 

Woman wearing ESSNTLS Slides on the beach.

We kept talking about what that meant in the world and what that meant in relation to us. We started our brand in 2009 as a pioneer in our space and it seems as though every other brand was trying to catch up, or that people may now be more open to the idea of conscious consumerism.

We kept talking about the products that we have made in the past vs. the products we should be making now. We kept asking; what is ECO-fashion and what does that mean?

We decided then and there that we needed to keep progressing and that as pioneers, we had to continue to lead and disrupt the idea that sustainability wasn’t stylish. In the beginning we didn’t know if we were starting a trend or if we were just out there on our own.

Through that conversation and months of development we created a whole new product line that we are super proud of. That product line called, the ESSNTLS, allowed us to produce our most successful flip flop in our brand’s history and now we are ready to drop our second silhouette under the ESSNTLS umbrella - THE INDO SLIDE.

This silhouette is allowing our brand to continue to progress even further into the world of ECO-fashion. With a focus on the materials used, the production process, always caring about comfort, durability, price and of course style.

Hope you enjoy wearing them as much as we enjoyed making them!

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