Introducing The Indo Slide

Last year we all sat around the kitchen table and started talking about our brand, pretty standard conversation for our team. This conversation revolved around how sustainability and sustainable products are “on-trend” or “fashionable.”  We kept talking about what that meant in the world and what that meant in relation to us. We started our brand in 2009 as a pioneer in our space and it seems as though every other brand was trying to catch up, or that people may now be more open to the idea of conscious consumerism. We kept talking about the products that we have made in the past vs. the products we should be making now. We kept asking; what is ECO-fashion and what does that mean? We decided then and there that we needed to keep progressing and that as pioneers, we had to continue to lead and disrupt the idea that sustainability wasn’t stylish. In the beginning we didn’t know if we were starting a trend or if we were just out there on our own. Through that conversation and months of development we created a whole new product line that we are super proud of. That product line called, the ESSNTLS, allowed us to produce our most successful flip flop in our brand’s history and now we are ready to drop our second silhouette under the ESSNTLS umbrella - THE INDO SLIDE. This silhouette is allowing our brand to continue to progress even further into the world of ECO-fashion. With a focus on the materials used, the production process, always caring about comfort, durability, price and of course style. Hope you enjoy wearing them as much as we enjoyed making them!
The Most ECOnomical flip flop in the world is now available!

The Most ECOnomical flip flop in the world is now available!

Indosole is enthused to release ESSNTLS, the footwear collection that will form part of the next generation of environmental solutions. ESSNTLS represents the second stage of Indosole’s mission to become the most responsible footwear company in the world. ENVIRONMENTAL INNOVATORSWe dedicated the last 10 years to being the environmental keepers of the future. We merged artisan skill with corrective impact, developing a laborious shoemaking process that transforms tires to soles by hand. Through this analog technology and circular thinking we were able to save over 80K+ tires from landfills but looking at the exponential rate of industrial world waste, we realized we had to up our game. We set out to prevent the environmental hiccup of the future. A breakthrough technology was needed that could address mass scale. Indosole aspired to double growth while significantly reducing global negative impact. INDOSOLE GETS SETT® (SOLE ENGINEERED TIRE TECHNOLOGY)We set aside a whole year for deep R&D, investigating how to best advance the circular economy through footwear. Nature is a zero-waste, non-polluting system and Indosole benchmarked the same. Mimicking nature, our lab scientists experimented with destroying the existing tire to rebuild the rubber from scratch. Through this process our lab researchers discovered our own Sole Engineered Tire Technology (SETT®) which pulverizes the tire into a fine powder and resets it with natural and recycled rubber. This malleable tire gel is set to revolutionize the footwear industry by maximizing the volume of recycled rubber that contributes to pollution elimination. THE ESSNTLS COLLECTIONAbsolute Transparency: The ESSNTLS line is based around our new SETT® production, meaning there is no waste by-product. While the artisan process is efficient, minimal tire scraps are produced when cut by hand. With SETT® manufacturing every part of the tire is condensed and remolded into a shoe sole. As landfill guardians we track each step of our production process to be the greenest and the cleanest. Mass Impact: Mass production is infamous for generating profit in lieu of concern. ESSNTLS has reworked this concept to create massive positive impact. Our Sole Engineered Tire Technology proves that volume can be part of long-term sustainability. In full-swing production Indosole can now save over 1.5K tires a day, meaning that long term relationships with distributors can make an exponential reduction to landfill waste. Our process is quantifiable, which means that we pass environmental ownership and transparency along the supply chain. The Universal Flip flop: Environmentalism isn’t for the elite. We’ve taken the universal appeal of the flip flop and made it easy on the environment, without the usual cost prohibitions. We speak to the laid-back lifestyle of the younger generation, helping them make the seamless shift towards the conscious consumption. In tandem we can shape the shopping patterns of future generations. As the world’s most ECO-nomical flip flop, ESSNTLS makes taking back the environment easy for any age or demographic. ESSNTLS MOVEMENTThe ESSNTLS brand speaks for itself, we’ve trimmed off superfluous vowels to make a minimalist statement. We want to turn this approach into a global movement, where we reframe efficiency as smart thinking that eliminates fuss and waste. Indosole launches the ESSNTLS collection as a new approach to environmental ownership, where being environmentally responsible is as chill and accessible as the way you wander in the world. Get SETT® to reimagine the future.