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Win some refreshment for your sole -

Indosole has teamed up with Honest Tea and collaborated on a pair of special edition Indos! Click on any of the banners between now and October 17th to enter for a chance to win yourself a pair of these one of a kind Honest Tea Indosole shoes.
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Indosole and Honest Tea

Honest Tea is known as an Organic Thirst Quencher that is refreshing and just a tad sweet. What is also sweet, is the recently introduced partnership between IndoSole and Honest Tea. Together, Honest and Indo will be spreading their respective Alohas at 60+ College/University campuses in Northern California, Oregon and Washington State. When a student purchases an Honest Tea, they are then entered into a raffle to win a pair of Indo's. Its a win-win-win and a fantastic opportunity for us to be paired up with an inspiringly successful and honest company. P.S. Try the new Cocoa Nova drinks if you have a chance...they are amazing

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