Meet the Indo Artisans

Meet the Indo Artisans

You asked, we answered! We received requests to share more about the artisans who make your Indos, so today we are going to introduce you to five members of our workshop crew: Yunus and Putra (tire cutting division), Fandi and Bandi (sole application), and Rani (finishing/ packaging). We have a really great...

All About the JJ Shoe

"JJ" is short for “jalan-jalan,” which is Indonesian slang for going out and seeing the sights. This super light and comfortable shoe was designed to be your go-to for running around town – all you need to do is lace them up and get moving! The JJ features our signature repurposed tire soles as well as voxing made from tire innertubes. What else make this versatile lace-up so special? See for yourself in our handy infographic above. Click here to shop the Men’s JJ (also available in classic black) and here to shop the Women’s JJ (available in three colors).

Ashlee Piper Brings Indosole On Air

In case you missed it, last month vegan guru Ashlee Piper (of The Little Foxes) stopped by You & Me This Morning in Chicago to host a segment on back-to-school shopping. She shared some great tips for being less wasteful, and Indosole was included in her list of curated brands. Big thanks to Ashlee for bringing us on air! You can watch the video by clicking this link.

Introducing PATHWAYS 2015

The inspiration for this year’s collection ‘Pathways’ comes from our belief that life is a journey and there are many paths that we can lead ourselves down. We want you to forge the path to your dreams with this collection on your feet. ‘Pathways’ has taken Indosole’s signature products and made them more comfortable, practical, and fashionable than ever. Additionally, we have given urban dwellers something to rock on the city streets with our NEW RELEASES: The Kota hightop and the JJ lowtop for Men and Women. About the Kota: Kota - meaning city in Indonesian - is designed to be your new go-to hightop when cruising the big city. Aside from our signature tire soles, this shoe is unique in featuring repurposed tire innertube on the toe cap and voxing, making it durable for all your wild adventures - biking, skating or being out and about on the town. About the JJ: Meet the JJ, your new everyday versatile lace-up shoe. “JJ” is short for “jalan-jalan,” Indonesian slang for seeing the sights and tripping around. The JJ shoe’s signature soles are from repurposed waste tires and the durable voxing is from repurposed tire innertube, so get out there and jalan-jalan. New Patterns: This year’s patterns are inspired by the handmade ceramics of Native American tribes, and the spirit of self-expression and creation. Pathways designer and artist Alan Gonzalez explains, “I am inspired by those who are passionate enough to create and strong enough to make their own mark for the world to see.” Our new Indos are perfect for running around the city, whether you’re going from meeting to meeting or out and about with friends. Shop the new styles here!

Meet some of the Indo family...

It’s time to get personal! As we know, Indosole would be nothing without our super hard-working team over in Bali so we thought we’d share a little about two of our ‘Indo-Family’. Meet Komang, our factory Manager from Denpasar, Bali. Komang is 28 years old and has already been making shoes for 10 years – 5 of those for Indosole! Komang is the brains of the Bali operation and we are so glad to have her on our team! Komang likes to rock her favorite pair of black Kelapa’s each day when coming to work at the Indosole factory and who can blame her? They look great! Thanks Komang!! Meet Dodi... He is our upper construction worker who has been part of the Indosole team for 3 years and already a household name around the Bali factory. Dodi is originally from the city of Surabaya on the island of Java and is married with a one-year-old baby. His favorite shoe is the black Prahu so enjoys being able to make them too! Komang and Dodi are what we simply call “Great Humans” and want to thank them for all the hard work they put in to make the Indosole dream a reality. With Komang, Dodi and the rest of the crew in Bali by our side we are well on our way to saving 1 Million waste tires in Indonesia and making what we call “Soles with Soul!”

Hand Dyed Batik Apparel Now Available

The Batik fabric used in Indosole's products is hand dyed with traditional Balinese wax-resist methods, which are free from toxic chemicals and fuel powered machinery. Click on the link below and learn more about the batik making process.