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Moped Across the US

We at IndoSole endorse the "motorbike" aka "moped" as a means of travel amongst other being our company icon. The motorbike is the most popular mode of transport in many areas of the world. It is economical, maneuverable, fun to ride, and can carry a full family....we have occasionally spotted up to 6 people riding on a two seater motorbike in Bali. Someone once told us that the world record is 8 but that is a story for another day. Although the motorbike is the norm in most of the world, it is not as popular in the USA. So, when our good bud and product photographer Zak Shelhamer told us about his friend Paul who is driving his moped 2,000 miles across the USA during the coldest part of winter and over snow capped mountain passes, we were all ears. Paul is clearly passionate about his moped, immune to cold, and slightly crazy. He is dreaming bravely and on a mission to ride his moped on back roads from chilly Colorado Springs, CO all the way to the tropics of Florida. Has anyone done this since the movie Dumb and Dumber? Is this for real? Regardless of the answers....we admire Paul's love for his moped and his energy. Hey Paul, Can we make a limited edition pair of shoes out of your moped tires when you are done?! Please let us know. Check out Paul and his "Dream Bravely" tour at: The Route: Colorado Springs, CO to Orlando, Florida