DOES HE AGE?The completion of seven Earth axis rotations has occurred since Nov 1, 2011. As I recollect on the murmurous skepticism toward the ASP Rip Curl Pro Search that diffused through San Francisco months prior to the event, I contrast the pessimism against the actuality that the Pro Search San Francisco was indeed a pleasure to watch. The swell and, more so, the autumn offshore winds that cleaned up OB to its perfection on the dates of Nov. 1 & Nov.2 enabled Bay Area surf advocates realize that our shifty {backwash slop} is not a close out wave after all..... Hopeless sections that drop out into perilous foam explosions were concluded with the sights of a few pinching out of the dark unknowns.YEP. HUMANOID SLATERKelly, congratulation on #11.Mega thanks for the local SF surf community for hosting some rad festivities this past week.

Capsule SF Hayes Valley

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New Shipment

New Sandals Arrive!

Today is the Day! A big boat has docked in the San Francisco bay area and will be unloading a fresh batch of Indo sandals

Classic OB Gallery - Mollusk Surf Shop

To all those wave sliders in the Bay Area: Our good mates at Mollusk Surf Shop are showcasing a phenomenal gallery of classic Ocean Beach prints. It's definitely worth your time if you appreciate San Francisco's surf scene in the 60s and early 70s. Mollusk Surf Shop is located on Irving / 46th Ave. The picture below is a Seal Rock throw back.

Bali Exhibition Opening Night - Asian Art Museum

The anticipation is almost over. BALI: Art, Ritual, Performance is premiering tomorrow night at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. The opening night is going to include Balinese performances and music, work shop stations and of course the 131 art collections from the island. From what we have been hearing on streets, it's going to be a packed house. The weather is scheduled to be frigid in SF (maybe snow) so why not grab a beer and teleport to Bali.
Asian Art Museum

Asian Art Museum - Bali Exhibition

Although we proclaim San Francisco as our home, Bali is our true passion. When experiencing all the obstacles of operating a business, our small, tight knit crew is able to reflect on each other's euphoric Bali tales for mental clarity. IndoSole could not be more stoked to announce that many of the same elements in our Bali tales are coming to San Francisco, CA! The Asian Art Museum in SF is proudly hosting BALI: Art, Ritual, Performance. The exhibition will include a variety of art mediums along with many featured artists so viewers can understand the context in which they were constructed and their significance. 131 artworks to be exact will be on site and a selected few have never been seen before in the U.S. Lastly, there will also be puppetry and gamelan performances, masked dances. IndoSole can't stress enough how interactive this experience will be. This is something for everyone. For those who either want to revive Bali memories, inspire the dreamers, or ones who don't have a clue. - J.U.