The Most ECOnomical flip flop in the world is now available!

The Most ECOnomical flip flop in the world is now available!

Indosole is enthused to release ESSNTLS, the footwear collection that will form part of the next generation of environmental solutions. ESSNTLS represents the second stage of Indosole’s mission to become the most responsible footwear company in the world. ENVIRONMENTAL INNOVATORSWe dedicated the last 10 years to being the environmental keepers of the future. We merged artisan skill with corrective impact, developing a laborious shoemaking process that transforms tires to soles by hand. Through this analog technology and circular thinking we were able to save over 80K+ tires from landfills but looking at the exponential rate of industrial world waste, we realized we had to up our game. We set out to prevent the environmental hiccup of the future. A breakthrough technology was needed that could address mass scale. Indosole aspired to double growth while significantly reducing global negative impact. INDOSOLE GETS SETT® (SOLE ENGINEERED TIRE TECHNOLOGY)We set aside a whole year for deep R&D, investigating how to best advance the circular economy through footwear. Nature is a zero-waste, non-polluting system and Indosole benchmarked the same. Mimicking nature, our lab scientists experimented with destroying the existing tire to rebuild the rubber from scratch. Through this process our lab researchers discovered our own Sole Engineered Tire Technology (SETT®) which pulverizes the tire into a fine powder and resets it with natural and recycled rubber. This malleable tire gel is set to revolutionize the footwear industry by maximizing the volume of recycled rubber that contributes to pollution elimination. THE ESSNTLS COLLECTIONAbsolute Transparency: The ESSNTLS line is based around our new SETT® production, meaning there is no waste by-product. While the artisan process is efficient, minimal tire scraps are produced when cut by hand. With SETT® manufacturing every part of the tire is condensed and remolded into a shoe sole. As landfill guardians we track each step of our production process to be the greenest and the cleanest. Mass Impact: Mass production is infamous for generating profit in lieu of concern. ESSNTLS has reworked this concept to create massive positive impact. Our Sole Engineered Tire Technology proves that volume can be part of long-term sustainability. In full-swing production Indosole can now save over 1.5K tires a day, meaning that long term relationships with distributors can make an exponential reduction to landfill waste. Our process is quantifiable, which means that we pass environmental ownership and transparency along the supply chain. The Universal Flip flop: Environmentalism isn’t for the elite. We’ve taken the universal appeal of the flip flop and made it easy on the environment, without the usual cost prohibitions. We speak to the laid-back lifestyle of the younger generation, helping them make the seamless shift towards the conscious consumption. In tandem we can shape the shopping patterns of future generations. As the world’s most ECO-nomical flip flop, ESSNTLS makes taking back the environment easy for any age or demographic. ESSNTLS MOVEMENTThe ESSNTLS brand speaks for itself, we’ve trimmed off superfluous vowels to make a minimalist statement. We want to turn this approach into a global movement, where we reframe efficiency as smart thinking that eliminates fuss and waste. Indosole launches the ESSNTLS collection as a new approach to environmental ownership, where being environmentally responsible is as chill and accessible as the way you wander in the world. Get SETT® to reimagine the future.
Thanks 2017 - Bring it on 2018

Thanks 2017 - Bring it on 2018

On January 01, 2017 we awoke with a realization that Indosole needed a face lift, a brand elevation, a breath of fresh air if you will. So, we decided to slow down and take a look around by analyzing the market and what the average consumer actually wants in year 2017. What we found was that sustainable fashion and vegan goods are getting popular, very popular. But we also found that people do not necessarily want to step outside their comfort zone unless they can perceive a real value and style upgrade along the way to justify spending hard earned money. Well, truthfully we have observed this dilemma for years. So, we decided we needed to shock the system, dig deep, and conceptualize a new product that would have us continue to raise the bar in our market while offering our customer a comfortable, affordable, and easy product they can relate to in their everyday lives. We wanted to create a legacy product for our brand and also for the future of the conscious footwear market. The idea for “The most ECOnomical Flip Flop in the world” shone through when we decided on our new product, The ESSNTLS. However daunting, we looked down the barrel of 8 months of hard work to get this product to market, but knew that it would be well worth it if we could check all the boxes and follow our brand ethos of responsible sourcing and manufacturing along the way. Holding this commitment kept us faithful through the slogging months and had us believe that the ESSNTLS will be special and will positively influence our industry and world.  We followed a 3 phase process to take: Concept - To Action - To Your Feet: Here we are at the end of 2017 having worked nearly a FULL year on this product. ESSNTLS have been on the market for 3 full months and the response has been phenomenal as we begin the next phase. We have some exciting announcements coming soon! What is the next phase you may ask??! EXECUTION in 2018 is our answer. For us, you, Indonesia, and the rest of the world. Thanks for your support in 2017 and enjoy our highlight photos from this past year: Love, The Indosole Crew

Join us at Outdoor Retailer

Join Indosole this week at our next trade show adventure in Salt Lake City, Utah at Outdoor Retailer, August 5th-8th. Every year Outdoor Retailer plays host to hundreds of representatives, retailers, and manufacturers that cater specifically to the adventuring and exploration of the outdoors. So stop by booth: # V02380, come say hi, grab some coffee, and take a look at our latest product line for Spring/Summer 2016! If you would like to make an appointment, just go ahead and email: After the show on August 6th join Indosole's Good Human, 5 Gyres, at the their sea change expedition and youth summit recap. Its going to be held at Zest Kitchen and Bar from 6-8 PM, and we'll be there too! For more info on this event please email:

Our Comfy Biku Sandals!

The Biku sandal in Black Palm print was recently included in Bead & Reel’s ‘Head-To-Toe Ethical Makeover.’ In their words: “This comfortable, handmade sandal combines organic, vegan, and up-cycling all together while remaining stylish. She can wear these all day whether chasing after her toddler or relaxing on the beach and not have to worry about unhappy feet.” We couldn’t agree more. Thanks for including us, Bead & Reel! Read more about the makeover here!

Indosole x SurfAid

We are proud to announce a partnership with SurfAid Organization during this holiday season. Together, our goal is to promote the well-being and general health of women and children in Southeast Asia and beyond. Similar to Indosole, SurfAid began with a trip to Indonesia where the founder - Dr. Dave Jenkins was impacted by seeing women and children dying of malaria, malnutrition, and inadequate living standards. Dr. Dave decided to do what he could to stop the suffering. Now, SurfAid runs programs for Water & Sanitation, Malaria, Nutrition, and with community health centers. Read more here: Indosole will do its part by offering a special deal on our popular Tan Burlap sandals and donate 15% of web sales back to SurfAid.
Beach Clean-up

Bureo Skateboards

We caught up with our friends from Bureo Skateboards to find out a little more about the company, where it came from and where it is going! For those who don’t know, Bureo was started by Ben Kneppers, an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for the environment and of course skateboarding; David Stover, a surfer with great respect for the ocean and Kevin Ahearn, an engineer that brings this knowledge to the world of sustainably made skateboards. Tell us a little about your product and how it came about? While living in Sydney, Australia back in 2012, the idea sprouted as the team made it a mission to find solutions for plastic pollution in our oceans. The goal was to develop fun and innovative products from upcycled plastic waste by creating a sustainable collection program that gives back to coastal communities. Brainstorming ideas eventually led to plastic skateboards and faced with a multitude of plastic debris, we became intrigued with fishnet waste, highly durable materials that are a massive source of plastic pollution in our oceans. From there, we spent several months in a plastic engineering lab to study the fishnet materials, and develop a recycled formula for our skateboards. What made you aware of the situation in Chile and how did you begin to do something about it? People think the reason we are working in Chile is because they have a huge pollution problem, but the fact is ocean plastic pollution is a global issue. We began in Chile because they gave us the opportunity to do something about it. In addition to the funding we received from Northeastern Universities IDEA Venture Accelerator program (IDEA), we received critical seed funding from the Start-up Chile program, which allowed us to bring our ideas to a proven product. We were also supported by World Wildlife Fund Chile and a collection of fishing syndicates that were open to support our project from the very early stages. In the first year of operations in Chile, we spent a significant amount in a few select fishing villages. During this time we explained our objectives with the communities and began working with the fisherman to responsibly collect and recycle their fishing nets. We are now working to further establish our relationships with these communities and expand our collection programs. What does Bureo mean and why is it important to you? The name ‘Bureo’ comes from the language of the Mapuche, the native Chileans, and means ´the waves’. Selected in honor of the Chilean people, the name represents our mission. Just as a wave originates from a disturbance of wind along the ocean surface, Bureo is starting with a small change in an ocean of plastic. Through time and energy, the waves of Bureo will develop the force required to cause real change. We wanted to recognize Chile, as they gave us the opportunity to launch our project. We hope that we can show them, through our actions, how grateful we were for their support. What is Net Positiva? Net Positiva is our fishing net collection and recycling program. Currently, it is operating in three communities in Chile with plans to expand this year. Through Net Positiva we aim to work with fisherman to ensure their gear is disposed of properly.  We have plans to continue expanding Net Positiva in Chile and other global regions. We hear you’ve found yourself a collaboration with Patagonia, tell us what this means to Bureo? We have always looked at Patagonia as the benchmark for delivering quality products while maintaining a high standard of responsibility at many levels. It was awesome to be able to share our plans and goals with a partner that aligns so well with our vision. Gaining the support of Patagonia through their $20Million & Change fund ensures that we are able to continue developing Bureo. This includes expansion of our current programs in Chile, and exploring projects in new regions. Tell us about your distribution, are you doing anything to prepare for the upcoming holiday season? We just launched sales in the US in September. Currently we are just getting our boards into select retail location, and offering product on our online store. We are running a recycling program in Chile to collect 6-7 tonnes of fishing net in the next 6 weeks, so this will keep most of the team busy before the holiday! A part of our team has stayed behind in California to keep distribution going, and to make sure we get our boards out for the holidays. We think the Minnow cruiser board is pretty high on a lot of wish lists…followed closely by a pair of Indosoles of course! We thank the Bureo crew for taking the time to let us know a little more about their awesome skateboards. You can find them at  

EcoBali Recycling

Luxurious and hip are two perfectly suited words to help describe the island of Bali, Indonesia, and inevitably placing it high on the tourist destinations list. Bali has inspired tourists and transplants to help make and support Bali in becoming a cleaner and more environmentally conscious place. Change can come about through education, and with different inspiring projects and movements immersing,  this well needed change in Bali is definitely starting to be seen, and more importantly felt within the community. EcoBali recycling is undeniably at the forefront of these namely inspiring projects. It was Founded in 2006 by individualsd who unanimously had the burning desire to respond to the waste management issues in Bali and actually do something about it. Envisioning a 'Zero Waste' policy as their solution, EcoBali takes matters into their own hands by operating its own facilities such as sorting and material recovery. In providing services such as waste separation, recycling and composting, collecting an average 15 tons of non-organic waste every month, their sustainable solutions to waste management have replenished a staggering 50-70% waste reduction. With different initiatives, like adopt a school, within the project, EcoBali recycling aims to increase the inherent needed awareness on a broad spectrum, educating on the best environmental practices achievable among individuals, communities and businesses. Initiatives like this are a sign of greater things to come for Bali, allowing it to maintain its luxurious and unique status. For those who want to enjoy their stay in Bali without feeling guilty of joining that pollution bandwagon, ecoBali is the best and easiest solution. Do your research and get involved!

Thanks Transworld!

Huge thank you to Transworld Business for featuring Indosole in supporting the launch of Balifornia 2014. Read the Article here: Indosole Launches 2014 "Welcome to Balifornia" Collection  

The Awakening of Deconstruction

The Awakening of Deconstruction Although socioeconomic and environmental issues continue to confront communities at all angles, we shift our attention to creative and viable solutions for long-term stability. We are fully cognizant of the phrase “sustainable practices” since topics such as food and water scarcity along with landfill waste accumulation are constantly addressed to our awareness. Conscious decisions are counteracting these destructive issues with elevated support of local businesses, local food production and distribution, and sustainable building and living practices.While on my recent journey through the Hawaiian Islands, I came across an innovative non-profit operation that has parallels to an establishment back in my home base city of San Francisco, CA. Re-Use Hawai‘i is a non-profit entity on Oahu that turns waste into building resources for either the DIY individual or contractors. Founded in 2007 slightly after the climax of home and commercial development, Re-Use Hawai‘i realized the unethical methodologies of sourcing new building supplies. It began informing its building community of their increasing waste contribution and capacity impact to its only construction and demolition solid waste landfill – PVT Landfill, in Nanakuli. Re-Use Hawai‘i has given homeowners two choices for either a remodel or rebuild: demolition or deconstruction. Once contractors obtain the proper permits, a large onslaught of machinery is rolled in and the demolition process begins. No surprise to its classification, demolition is structured around promptness, lasting only one day and leaving damaged materials such as splintered wood, broken windows, chunks of concrete and twisted metal in an impractical state.Rather than physically damaging these materials and the long lasting utility, builders and homeowners have finally realized the opportunity cost in deconstruction. In a reciprocal fashion of leveling a foundation and systematically following the processes that are required to build walls and a roof, deconstruction is the art construction, but dismantlement of the home. During deconstruction, materials are sorted into their proper categories and eventually hauled off to warehouses such Re-Use Hawai‘i where lumber, aluminum, fixtures etc will be reviewed for re-sale. The ethical motive in the deconstruction process is apparent; however, homeowners can have deconstruction appraisers quantify the value of their salvaged materials that can exceed $5,000. After receiving the appraiser's report for the Al Mighty IRS, the homeowner can claim deductions over 1 – 5 year period. That’s one hell of a “YEW!” if you ask me.Near the end of my research of deconstruction, I began asking, “how is demolition even feasible with alternatives like deconstruction?” Maybe it could be the impatient mentality of American society since it seems we always WANT IT NOW and then there is the money issue. Sure, deconstruction may cost the homeowner more in the short term. But, include the long term tax breaks and the social responsibility by returning affordable materials back to the supply chain for wood workers, creating jobs in the building industry while also creating some unique character to the next home and one would have to be a kook to not consider deconstruction.It all comes down to education and taking the time to expand your knowledge. For my Bay Area readers, I noted in the beginning that Re-Use Hawai‘i shared similarities to a local SF establishment. Do a favor for your creative self by visiting Building Resources SF in the Dogpatch district. Click HERE for its website. video shared from Mollusk Surf Shop