The world's most ECOnomical flip flop has arrived!

The world's most ECOnomical flip flop has arrived!

Meet your new favorite flip flops

Over the past 10 months, we have been focused on developing the perfect sandal. It started with sourcing the most responsible materials. Then, drawing it out, and ripping it up and drawing it again. Then, we developed and wear tested for comfort and durability. Tried to break them, broke them, and went back and fixed them.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this new product release. Our team has come together and focused hard through all phases of this project and we truly believe this is the best product we have ever made. 

ESSNTLS are ready for all your wild adventures!


Learn more about ESSNTLS and BUY now for $35 including shipping and delivery within 30 days.

The Most ECOnomical Flip Flop in the World

We believe that responsibly crafted footwear featuring natural materials, extreme comfort, and dynamic design should not have to break your bank. It has become our goal to provide a stylish flip flop that everyone can wear. ESSNTLS are supportive for men and sleek for the female foot, and comes in 6 colors. Each color is inspired by nature and is representative of the essential earth elements that we aim to protect from humankind.

Minerals, Shore, Leaf, Soil, Granite, Night

Enjoy your new Indos and Thanks for all your love and support,

Indo Crew


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