These Brands Make Cool Stuff Out Of Trash

TEDx: Recycled & Upcyled Fashion

At TEDxUbud 2016 Indosole founder Kyle Parsons got up on stage wearing an outfit made from trash, and the audience had no idea.

To the naked eye his clothes looked no different from what the other speakers and audience members were wearing, but in reality most of it was made of recycled and upcycled materials:

  • Sunglasses from old wooden baseball bats by Shwood Eyewear
  • Shirt made of recycled plastic bottles by Outerknown
  • Belt made of tire inner tubes by Green Guru
  • Socks made from recycled denim by OSOM
  • Shoes (high tops) featuring tire soles by Indosole (new color coming soon!)
  • Backpack made of kiteboard sails by Mafia Bags
  • Surfboard made of recycled Styrofoam by Waste to Waves - Sustainable Surf
  • Skateboard made of recycled fishing nets by Bureo.
  • Pants* not recycled, but made from organic cotton and hemp by Outerknown

Thank you to all these amazing brands for supporting the talk!

Indosole at TEDxUbud

A special shoutout also goes to Klean Kanteen for making it easy to say no to plastic bottles through their handy reusable containers (pictured above). We hope you'll check out the great work these brands are doing if you haven't done so already.

The video of Kyle's TEDx talk is coming soon! We will share the link as soon as it is available. Make sure to check our Facebook page for details on the contest we are doing too! All you have to do is watch the video and answer a few questions for the chance to win a pair of our signature sandals or discounts on

As always, thanks for the love and support.

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