Tire Soled Footwear Is Big In Japan– Indosole

Tire Soled Footwear Is Big In Japan

Grass Mat tire soled sandals in Japan
At least, it feels that way after seeing our sandals pop up in one of their magazines! We're stoked to see our Grass Mat sandal included in this Summer Beach Life 2016 roundup. Indosole's presence in Japan is still relatively small, but we're excited to grow there. Special shout out goes to the HASCO crew and the rad stores SHIPS DaysTateisucanna, Ontade, CouleurClutch Aoyama, Annie Blue, Fleaker, and GO OUT for carrying Indos! 
Fine mag Japan features Indosole sandals
Fine mag Japan features Grass Mat sandals
**It's best to keep the Grass Mats from getting too wet if you're looking to preserve the woven grass uppers, but a lot of Indo fans do it anyway. We'll leave that decision up to you. ;) They are definitely ideal for warm weather adventures. You can buy our Grass Mat sandals online with free standard shipping to U.S. addresses!

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