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We Love OSOM Brand Recycled Socks

Recycled denim socks and tire-soled shoes

Photo courtesy of OSOM Brand

So you've started carrying glass jars to the grocery store to avoid plastic waste, you're traveling on your own steam whenever possible, and you've even downloaded that new Chrome extension that recommends ethical alternatives while you shop for clothes online. Nice! Being a conscious consumer definitely requires adjustments, but you'll find the alternatives are out there if you look hard enough.

We wanted to put one more brand on your radar - our friends OSOM Brand. They make super soft socks (unisex) that are 95% recycled denim and textiles. We've blogged about the textile waste problem before, and we love that OSOM Brand is committed to being part of the change. 

In their own words: "The beauty of making new yarns with recycled textiles relies not only in the fact that we are helping reduce textile waste but we can skip cotton farming, save water and reduce the use of pesticides that damages the environment and farmers alike."

Indosole founder Kyle Parsons swears by these socks - he featured them during his TEDx talk on Redesigning Our Consumer Habits as one example of recycled products that look and feel just as good as any others out there. He has been wearing them ever since. 

If you ask us, we think they make perfect stocking stuffers! Get yourself some rad socks at or spend $50 on and get a free pair of OSOM socks. This offer expires at midnight on Monday, December 6, 2016.  

Recycled denim socks and upcycled tire-soled shoes

 Photo courtesy of OSOM Brand


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