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Bali's Biggest Beach Cleanup 2018

Bali's Biggest Beach Cleanup 2018

One Island One Voice / Satu Pulau Satu Suara organizes BALI'S BIGGEST CLEAN-UP February 24th 2018 On February 24th the island came together for a truly amazing event in Bali’s history. Lead by local heroes, Isabel and Melati and the Bye Bye Plastic Bags org. Coordinated a deep crew of locals and ex-pats young and old who mobilized to clean surface waste from local beaches and villages. From our perspective here at Indosole, we are so happy to be a part of this development. We have been living in Canggu since 2009 and witnessed a trash problem in Bali well before then. For years, there have been very few people making effort to address the problem. We have chipped in what we can, but it has never been enough to make a big impact. We are thankful of the effort and execution by the Bye Bye Plastic Bags crew / One Island One Voice and now looking forward to having us collectively focus on the solutions that are being made vs. the problems that are so obvious in Indonesia.  We have a long way to go but together we can make a difference every day.  Here are the stats on Bali’s biggest clean-up 2018: 15,000+ people 60 locations island wide 50+ tons of waste collected WHERE DID THE TRASH GO? Eco Bali Recycle Station Merah Putih Hijau Role Foundation Depo Cemara Kembali - Bank Sampah Temesi Recycling DLHK Rumah Kompos Padang Tegal                                         
Pushing for Progress in 2017
conscious consumerism

Pushing for Progress in 2017

Happy New Year 2017! We wanted to write a quick note to say thanks for your support in 2016, which was an influential year of growth and learning for us at Indosole. Your feedback and suggestions have been carefully noted and we are working hard to implement them to our freshest batches of Indos...
We Love OSOM Brand Recycled Socks
changing habits

We Love OSOM Brand Recycled Socks

Being a conscious consumer is an adjustment, but you'll find that the alternatives are out there if you look hard enough. We wanted to put one more brand on your radar - our friends OSOM Brand. They make super soft socks that are 95% recycled denim and textiles. We've blogged about the textile waste problem...
Pinatex textile alternative

6 Ways To Combat The World's Garment Waste Problem

Currently on our radar: garment and textile waste. We wanted to share with you some of the problems that have been on our minds lately and the discoveries we have made, from innovative technology to alternative materials to inspiring brands. We hope this encourages you to read up on the problems and solutions...
Support Repurposing - Fund Our Kiva Loan!
b corp

Support Repurposing - Fund Our Kiva Loan!

We launched a Kiva loan and we need your help! For those who are not yet acquainted with Kiva, they are an incredible organization that facilitates crowdfunding for individuals and groups around the world who need a little boost to propel their businesses forward. A Kiva loan is basically a crowd-sourced loan that...
Men's Double6, made from Tire Inner Tubes
Double 6

'Earn Your Stripes' With Tire Soled Sandals

"Can I exchange these?" a man asked us at an event earlier this year where we had a small display set up for two days. The man was frowning slightly at the pair he was holding, which he had just purchased. "I didn't notice it before," he said, "but I think this might have a defect?" Hearing the word 'defect' we...

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