'Earn Your Stripes' With Tire Soled Sandals– Indosole

'Earn Your Stripes' With Tire Soled Sandals

Tire soled sandals by Indosole

Photo by @bdagz

"Can I exchange these?" a man asked us at an event earlier this year where we had a small display set up for two days. The man was frowning slightly at the pair he was holding, which he had just purchased. "I didn't notice it before," he said, "but I think this might have a defect?"

Hearing the word 'defect' we rushed over to investigate (obviously we had no intention of selling a defective pair!). It turns out he was concerned about a thin yellow line going down the strap of one of his sandals. We laughed with relief.

We explained to him that it wasn't a defect, it was a unique quirk. Two particular sandal models―the Double 6 and the Innertubedfeature tire inner tube straps. We're talking real tire inner tubes, which means you might get a stripe, a splash of color, some numbers stamped in or just plain black, depending on the tire tube that was used to make your sandals. Your pair is truly unique. That's not something you can get from products punched out on an assembly line.

Wear your stripes as a badge of honor. It is proof that you support the repurposing movement. Trust us, they are a good conversation starter!

Unwilling to leave the look of your pair up to fate? No worries! Email us at indo@indosole.com after you've submitted your order online and let us know your special request. The Indo crew will make sure the pair sent to you are exactly what you've been hoping and dreaming of.

The Double 6 (pictured above) and Innertubed (pictured below) are available in both Men's and Women's. Search the hashtags #Double6sandal and #Innertubed on Instagram to see strap variations posted by wearers from around the globe.

Inner Tubed - Tire soled sandals by Indosole

Photo by @lepiratebeachclub

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