Ombak Bali Film Festival

Ombak Bali teamed up with La Plancha a bar and restaurant in Seminyak, for the fifth year in a row. Together they hosted South East Asia's only International Surf Film Festival. Their collaboration is a perfect fusion of surfers paradise and outdoor cinema, and taking it to another level. Colourful bean bags scattered all along the sand, a big screen hooked up to a sound system just in front of the water, and food and bar service from La Plancha, all made it the perfect Bali weekend hangout. While aiming to promote environmental and social issues through raising awareness, Ombak Bali is mainly a platform for national and international surf film and documentary makers. Giving them the opportunity to showcase and expose their work to like minded people, Ombak are keen on those artists who are exploring surfing beyond the barrels and the waves. The festival featured films like "The Old, The Young and The Sea" and "Out in the Lineup" and were showcased over a full three day period of two films per day. The festival is an ever-growing event with the likes of Ripcurl, Bilabong and Surftime as their partners, among others. They are already taking applications for 2015, so any surf film or documentary makers out there you might want to jump on board!

Hand Dyed Batik Apparel Now Available

The Batik fabric used in Indosole's products is hand dyed with traditional Balinese wax-resist methods, which are free from toxic chemicals and fuel powered machinery. Click on the link below and learn more about the batik making process.

Welcome to Balifornia

We are proud to introduce our 2014 line "Welcome to Balifornia." Balifornia fuses the best parts of East and West; the insatiable Californian spirit of wanderlust combined with the rich tradition and vibrant colors of Bali, Indonesia. With a five year reputation of re-purposing waste tires into soles for footwear, Indosole has taken resourceful fashion to the next level. Our designers have teamed up with Indonesian batik specialists and worked overtime to incorporate this one-of-a-kind fabric into our shoes and apparel for Spring/Summer 2014. The process of creating batik is truly organic, and involves a two-stage dipping process. It leaves the cotton/canvas material with a 1970’s tie-dye look, which is then faded in natural sunlight and overlaid with hot wax. Finally, the wax is peeled away, leaving a beautiful double-layered design. We know you'll love our new line as much as we do. Thanks for your love and support! The Indosole Crew Watch our Balifornia lookbook video here: [vimeo 72923070 w=500 h=281] SS'14 Lookbook 'Balifornia' from IndoSole on Vimeo.

Dream Big - Smile Wide

Made Mariasa Karbit (nickname “Karbit”), is a young Bali-Born man with a lot of talent and a permanent and contagious smile. The Indosole crew has sponsored Karbit for surfing since 2010. He is currently attending Universitas Mahasaraswati Denpasar, and is studying economics and entrepeneurism. Through employment, Indosole pays Karbit’s full tuition, and he’s learning real world economics and business practices as well as gaining "tools of the trade" knowledge for the surf industry. Karbit assists us with inventory control of our stock at the house/warehouse and is learning how to take stock reports, and turn that into a product order form that we need to keep the shops running smoothly. Karbit also helps to manage our surf team in Bali. He helped recruit 10 young, up and comers and gathered all of their information for sizing and product preference. In addition, he also assists with promotions at surf competitions and makes sure we are on banners, hands out stickers, etc. He will assist in our ramp up and execution at the upcoming Keramas surf contest, and is helping with getting Indosole branded trash cans placed at Echo and Brawa beaches. Karbit has a great attitude and dreams big! We at Indosole are proud to support his future, education, and are thankful to have him as a part of our team...

Snoop Dogg Live in Bali

Performing to a sold out crowd of around 3,000 people during sunset at Potato Head Beach Club, Snoop didn't disappoint for his first ever show in Bali. With a set that lasted a little over an hour and included all the classics mixed in with tributes to Biggie and 2pac, Bali was going nuts over Snoop. We had a crew there that was enjoying the festivities and sent us a couple pics. We are also very excited to be able to make Snoop a mini collection to welcome him to Indo. We made him one pair for his love of LA, and one pair for his love of reggae. Keep an eye out, you never know when Snoop is going to show up in a pair of indos.

You have questions, We have answers

Good mate Mark Marovich, founder of The Greener Blue, wanted to pick our brain a bit. He delivered us some questions...hoping to get a deeper scope of IndoSole. We decided that no person was better suited for such a task than IndoSole's production manager / co-founder, Faye Middleton. click link below for interviewTHE GREENER BLUE INTERVIEWThe following is just a brief introduction into The Greener Blue. If you have not yet been to this website, we're casting a spell on you until you check it!When not working for the man, I enjoy surfing. Although my preferred activity doesn't seem to be threatening to the environment from the casual onlooker, referring surfing to a natural art form is a paradox. Surfboards are constructed from polystyrene, wetsuits are PVC based and well, that white stuff that is rubbed onto the board is petroleum based with synthetic rubbers. We make the attempt to live a carbon free life. Avoid certain items here and there, yet we still encounter the evils of pollution, forest degradation......Companies and shapers in the surf industry have begun to realize that technology is advancing in a way to combat some of their past negligence thus newly sustainable substitutes have revolutionized the way we perceive surf products. For example, we have a choice between polystyrene or reclaimed / sustainably harvested wood for a surfboard. We must give credit to sustainable information portals like The Greener Blue. It has given us a new way to see surfing through a green lens.

Batik Day

Work It.October 2nd was National Batik Day in Indonesia. You may be unaware of batik, a cloth that traditionally uses wax resist dying technique and dates back to the 4th century. Not much of batik fabric has surfaced in the states; however, it's cultural identity among Indonesians in their homeland. Batik is used to make sarongs, kebaya dresses and even babies are intentionally wrapped in this cloth to bring good luck through infancy.Batik is making a strong presence in the 21st century since many Indonesian fashion designers are constructing collections with batik being the focal fabric. During Jakarta's Fashion Week in 2010 and 2011, the runways were strutted with batik. So, the next time you grab that "dakine" button up for Aloha Friday, IndoSole wants you to consider batik as an option. Yew

The end of Bali's oil burning power plants

We are stoked to relay the news that all of Bali's oil burning power plants will soon be converted to a cleaner alternative, natural gas. This is truly a major environmental initiative for Bali since many innovative and benefiting programs can easily get lost in Jakarta politics. The program, Bali Interim Gas Distribution, will focus on implementing modern generators that operate on natural gas. The current outdated generators depend on diesel fuel thus has created mass pollution since Bali's energy consumption percentages have exponentially increased due to both a rise in population and tourism. This cleaner energy initiative will begin this September. Although we would love Bali to operate on 100% clean energy such as solar, this mandate to switch from diesel to natural gas is a paramount step in the right direction. Even if you have never been to Bali, its natural beauty is known so lets continue to respect the island. IndoSole was founded on strong values that cherish Bali's beauty hence we have chosen to use no fuel powered machinery in our workshops.

Ombak Film Festival

We are proud to announce a partnership with Ombak Bali Surf Film Festival July 20 - July 23. IndoSole presents Protect Our Waves, UK in its Asian premiere. artwork done by Kellen Breen