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Support Repurposing - Fund Our Kiva Loan!

We launched a Kiva loan and we need your help! For those who are not yet acquainted with Kiva, they are an incredible organization that facilitates crowdfunding for individuals and groups around the world who need a little boost to propel their businesses forward. A Kiva loan is basically a crowd-sourced loan that...

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Urban Necessity: The Kota High Top

The Kota high top is modern tire sole footwear at it's finest! The ladies love it for its versatility, and we often see them styled to toughen up an otherwise "girly" outfit. Guys love the Kota because of how easy it is to throw them on without having to think twice about it. Not to mention, the handy zipper makes the Kota easy to slip on and off, which everyone can appreciate. From cycling to skateboarding to park strolling, this shoe is perfect for life in the city. Learn more about this shoe's unique materials and features below. Don't forget to search the hashtag #KotaHightop on Instagram to see how people are styling their Kotas!  

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#kaipaulontour Journal #2 - The Process

kaipaulontour Journal #2 - The Process Coming back to Bali there were a couple missions to complete. #1 surf. #2 Surf. #3 Party...haha. No seriously, the top of the list was to make developments in the product and the processes that go into making the product. We have a huge spring planned both in product launches and in delivering the most amount of shoes and sandals to retail in the history of Indosole. Production needs to be efficient and on time. There lies my ulitimate mission: deliver. Ok, pressure is on right? Yes, but what I have found is that our foundation has been set so solidly here in Bali with the people we are working with and the suppliers...

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