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Improper Waste Disposal in Bali

This Is What Improper Waste Disposal Looks Like

This photo has been making the rounds in the Bali community―a perfectly captured moment of men offloading garbage from a truck next to a temple gate in Central Bali. If you look closely you can see the men doing the offloading by hand and adding to the mountain of trash while smoke generated from...
WATCH: 'Redesigning Our Consumer Habits'
change habits

WATCH: 'Redesigning Our Consumer Habits'

The wait is over! We are happy to finally share the video of Indosole founder Kyle Parsons at TEDxUbud 2016. It was quite the event, held within the stunning grounds of Fivelements Bali. The committee had gone to great lengths to put on a zero waste event (no plastic water...
Take Part In Plastic-Free July

Take Part In Plastic-Free July

We have a challenge for you, and it's simple: Refuse single-use plastic during the month of July. Do this for a day, a week, or the rest of the month! Say no to ALL single-use plastic or try the TOP 4: plastic bags, water bottles, takeaway coffee cups, and straws. Plastic is designed to last forever, yet every day...

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