New SoCal Showroom

We have a showroom in SoCal! IndoSole is proud to announce yet another step in brand legitimacy. The Indo Showroom is a groovy little spot which will function as a place to show our products, a satellite office, and party pad. This location is no stranger to brand building and carries an impressive legacy which IndoSole aims to follow. The showroom / office was the former HQ for Ocean Minded who is a brand we look up to. The founders of OM were generous to pass on the reigns of their former office to IndoSole. There are numerous influential companies on the block such as: Rainbow sandals, Dewey Webber surfboards, Cole Surfboards, Stance socks and more. Our goal is to create a rad vibe and shoot the breeze with anyone stopping by. Stay tuned for our BBQ party agenda this spring/summer....In the meantime if you want to swing by and check out some sandals, contact San Clemente local and IndoSole Vibe Creator - Kai Paul: -K.P.
Asian Art Museum

Asian Art Museum - Bali Exhibition

Although we proclaim San Francisco as our home, Bali is our true passion. When experiencing all the obstacles of operating a business, our small, tight knit crew is able to reflect on each other's euphoric Bali tales for mental clarity. IndoSole could not be more stoked to announce that many of the same elements in our Bali tales are coming to San Francisco, CA! The Asian Art Museum in SF is proudly hosting BALI: Art, Ritual, Performance. The exhibition will include a variety of art mediums along with many featured artists so viewers can understand the context in which they were constructed and their significance. 131 artworks to be exact will be on site and a selected few have never been seen before in the U.S. Lastly, there will also be puppetry and gamelan performances, masked dances. IndoSole can't stress enough how interactive this experience will be. This is something for everyone. For those who either want to revive Bali memories, inspire the dreamers, or ones who don't have a clue. - J.U.

Happy Workers Make Happy Shoes

January is the busiest month for sandal production in Bali as its always a hustle to get our products made quickly and at the highest quality possible. IndoSole's rookie of the year - Jeremy Urone took a time-out in the workshop and bonded with our craftsmen and women and rewarded their hard work with gifts from our San Francisco clothing drive back on October 22. The goodie bin contained Tshirts, jeans, sweatshirts and some slick Mtn. Dew Sunglasses. Now our crew is styling while they crank out our best batch of sandals yet! Thanks to our hard working Bali crew and to all in the USA who have contributed to the Indo goodie bin. Happy workers make Happy Shoes - Big Thanks to Paola Loves Shades for sunglass donations

Moped Across the US

We at IndoSole endorse the "motorbike" aka "moped" as a means of travel amongst other being our company icon. The motorbike is the most popular mode of transport in many areas of the world. It is economical, maneuverable, fun to ride, and can carry a full family....we have occasionally spotted up to 6 people riding on a two seater motorbike in Bali. Someone once told us that the world record is 8 but that is a story for another day. Although the motorbike is the norm in most of the world, it is not as popular in the USA. So, when our good bud and product photographer Zak Shelhamer told us about his friend Paul who is driving his moped 2,000 miles across the USA during the coldest part of winter and over snow capped mountain passes, we were all ears. Paul is clearly passionate about his moped, immune to cold, and slightly crazy. He is dreaming bravely and on a mission to ride his moped on back roads from chilly Colorado Springs, CO all the way to the tropics of Florida. Has anyone done this since the movie Dumb and Dumber? Is this for real? Regardless of the answers....we admire Paul's love for his moped and his energy. Hey Paul, Can we make a limited edition pair of shoes out of your moped tires when you are done?! Please let us know. Check out Paul and his "Dream Bravely" tour at: The Route: Colorado Springs, CO to Orlando, Florida

Jeremy in Bali

IndoSole marketing guru Jeremy Urone has reported to our Bali office for the month of January. His plan was to surf a ton, snap some photos and build on our marketing content. However, when sandal production starts to lag all hands are needed on deck to stay on schedule. Here is Jeremy on the line in the workshop glueing sandals and controlling quality as he goes. Welcome to Bali life Jeremy!

Thank You 2010 and Atlas Skateboards

The IndoSole crew would like to thank everyone for all the support in our first year of business. 2010 was our foundation year and we are so appreciative of those who bought sandals this past year. We are looking forward to big things in 2011. Happy New Year and Selamat Tahun Baru! Atlas Skateboard shop in San Mateo, CA encourages kids everywhere to get out and skateboard. Skating is becoming more popular amongst kids in Bali but most cannot afford a new skateboard setup. So, Mike and the crew at Atlas have kicked down some skateboards and clothing to be delivered to Bali. Thanks guys! Check out Atlas Skateboard Shop: